BVLGARI bulgari „Isabella rossi in“ series of brand new Michael Kors Tote, harmonious beauty and modern style is the most striking features of bulgari 2013 spring and summer accessories series: color piece collide with the Oriental fantasy style that grabs an eye, the new attempt to eventually create attractive new products, with lively leap colours will lead in summer 2013 fashion trends.

In new accessories series, extremely has the individuality bright colors and more exquisite natural tonal cross collocation, the colour used in the design is very clever.
New Isabella delio rossi in the handbag is a blend of Michael Kors Satchel Handbags precious material and top technology, bulgari is spring/summer 2013 accessories series of high-profile star product. Great shiny crocodile style noble, handbags on the enamel and gem boldly used comparative unusual color combinations.

Such as orange and crystal violet, blue opal with morning rose, etc. Pure concise aura, noble and refined flavor complained of not leisurely refined Italian socialite amorous feelings. Bulgari multiple technology to build exclusive iraqis women Michael Kors Shoulder Bags. Elegant British style is big while promoting the hot trend in recent years, whether male profile suit or vintage color ma3 jia3 shirt.

Or a stripe long gown, British wind will be the neutral charm of women to an extreme, it seems 2013 fashion will continue the neutral wind restoring ancient ways. Long wearing a suit jacket is especially suitable for autumn winter season,, formfitting clipping women more able to modify the body line, show a woman’s unique handsome charm. French luxury brand high order PARIS grand mercure MATZO PARIS new limited edition „package“ Annie.

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