PARIS grand mercure MATZO PARIS decided this limited edition princess grace all handbags sales proceeds will be donated to the United Nations children’s fund, so as to continue the princess’s attention to children’s charities. Ten years ago Michael Kors Outlet, at least for Chinese consumers, to have a Logo designer handbags, that is happiness! If Logo is very big, so, it can double the happiness!

It does a little exaggeration, however, at that time, all of the brand, in order to cater to the market, creating countless dotted with brand Logo design handbags, small leather goods, even the clothes and shoes. This deal is too Michael Kors Bags good to do, lie down in the brand on the wisdom of the ancestors, popular, do not add abstemious, especially in the emerging market for luxury goods, led by Asia, trumpeted Logo way too direct, shallow, and the quick buck, the result is what?

Who would have thought when Logo handbag meet strange interest pattern, is such a sparkle! The value of the brand Logo, on a global scale, depreciation, underestimated and criticized. First is the most top consumers began to Michael Kors Handbags feel tired of Logo products, because of flooding, not highlight self. – but it have to do with the Logo itself? This is the failure of the marketing.

Any kind of goods, have been over-exploited, will lead to the situation. Even some brands are starting to shy to talk about their own Logo merchandise, consciously avoid talking about, the promotion, but at the same time, in second – and third-tier cities and series products of the Logo on the key position. In so doing, rather than save Logo products, but will make it increasingly covered with a layer of „common“, is a shadow, a crisis.

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